Interior Design Ideas for a Small Room

small living room

It is not easy to create a project of interior design for a small room. Small spaces involve many thorough issues regarding  planning and decoration.


Interior design becomes as complicated and as so complex.There should be taken into account every detail of the position of windows and the directions in which light comes in. It is necessary to draw up an interior design project in the way, so the eye will be fooled and space seem lot bigger.

This requires to take into account the following steps: 

1. The walls should be painted in light colors, white is the color indicated. 

2. The assort the furniture to the wall color. 

3. Decorate the ceiling, with fewer items, excluding giant chandelier

4. Use in decor one or more mirrors.

5. Do not overdo with the accessories. Too many pillows, vases or paintings which are loading space in an unpleasant way and seem narrow. 

6. Use thin fabric curtains, vertical or roller blinds in a pale color

7. Do not overcrowd the furniture's shelves with unnecessary things and sill with flowers.  you account for those items described above, surely you'll have a space of your dreams!