Design Ideas.How to make small bedroom look bigger?

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So how to make a bedroom look bigger?

If you got a bedroom which has some lack of natural light, though there is a smart storage and the right color palette, it can feel cramped and uncomfortable. But with the right advices and bright ideas, even the smallest bedrooms seem even more functional and even look bigger


Use mirrored closet doors. Using a mirror to double your room's visual square footage is a trick that's been used for centuries. In small bedrooms this often means replacing your closet doors with mirrored ones. The effect tends to work best when you choose the mirrors from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Go for natural light as much as possible. You should avoid blocking natural light in a small room, sometimes the only place that makes sense for a bed is right in front of the window. When the sunlight touches your face in the morning, warms and wakes you up, for sure you get wonderful mood  for whole day is guaranteed. 

For making a small bedroom look bigger you should add built-ins shelving on the wall. Shallow built-in shelving can help you gain storage and maintain floor space. Shelving elements act as bedside tables, so there is no need for extra furniture. Recessing the bed in the middle of the shelving prevents it from encroaching on much-needed floor space. 

Add Right Colour. While darker colors transform bigger space into smaller, they are also very enclosing. For to make a bedroom look bigger, use white, go for the light, soft colours, keep it simple, with no chaos of different patterns.