Some Ideas for arranging a hall

First of all you must know the fact that the hall is the first place  you see when you walk into a house, it is like a business card for guests who are visiting you.

It is very important that hallway should reflect a warm and welcoming atmosphere .

The lobby has several functions  that we must take advantages from, such as space for storing clothes and keys when we get home. So in hall must be installed functional pieces of furniture such:as hooks, cabinets, chests of drawers, etc.

Arranging a hall will be like in the other room, taking into account the available space and the elements and decorative objects which should be chosen based on the design of the rest of the house. If you dispose of a generous hallway, then you can choose for various pieces of furniture, even the chairs, the table for creating a welcoming space.

And if space lobby is a small one, you should limit yourself to the furniture,  install then only the furniture that you need,  try to use for this some light colors like white, for example.

Also as regards to the color choice, they must be chosen in combination with the rest of the house and meet already chosen shades.