Clever storage tips for small home office

You got a home office which has lack of storage space? So through some clever ideas we will try to help you to choose an optimal solution for yourself. Below you can find them.

Great ideas for tight spaces!

- If your home office is a small one - or if you're squeezed into part of an open plan room, the trick is to use your vertical space - that means wall to ceiling bookcases. For a modern style, leave them open but keep them clean. For already busy rooms, choose units with sliding doors.

- We reccomend you to use wall storage - which its different-sized and has shaped containers, metal hooks and clips, so with this one you can  organize even the most cluttered of spaces, easily, quickly and stylishly.  

- Whether your home office sits within an open plan space or you have a designed room, you don't need work too hard to find storage buys and ideas to make it both practical and good looking. It's simple, use shelving as idea for your home office storage. You might like the simplicity of the design of a tall wall unit, which can stand on top of another piece of furniture (such as a desk), on the floor - or can be wall-hung.