Decorate a hallway with amazing tips

From storage and lighting to furniture and wallpaper, follow our essential guide to decorating your hallway

Your hallway is the first thing guests see as they come through the front door - so make sure it's warm and welcoming.

Follow our tips and advice on how to decorate your hallway and find the perfect storage units.

Hallways are only used as a walk-through, so you can afford to make a statement.

    -Create a feature wall

Experiment with eye-catching wallpaper and bright patterns. Avoid plain white walls as these can get grubby easily.

    -Choose a strong carpet

If you'd rather keep your walls neutral, opt for a colourful hallway runner. Just make sure it is hard-wearing as this is a high traffic area.

     -Don't forget the finishing touches  

Place flowers on a nearby table for a welcoming first impression or hang photos on the walls for a personal touch.

Hallways can often be narrow and dark - so the right lighting is essential.

    - Make the most of natural light

Mirrors are a great way of reflecting natural light, and they can also give the impression of space.

    - Position uplighters or spotlights along the corridor

Uplighters and wall lights are both practical and stylish - perfect for giving hallways that welcoming feel.

    Install a skylight
    A skylight can make a world of difference to small spaces.

Hallways can be a great place to store shoes, coats and keys.