Interior design services- Your space, your choice!

Interior design services are available for projects of all shapes, sizes and styles. Our designers work with you to create your uniquely designed space.  We can customize that desired style to fit your individual needs.  It's your space. It's your choice.


According to law of Republic of Moldova, the interior design is not mandatory, but is recommended to be implemented in any home. Why you should opt for interior design services?

So, you need the interior design services because:


1. You can see from the start how will look like your home! 

2. You can change the style of the house, by the change of design style! 

3. You can reduce construction expenses! A well done design reduces up to 40% of the finishing works costs; 

4. We control the works much easier, which is better than doing the finishes by yourself without a design project.

5. We guide easier when it comes about buying building materials, by having already design project.

We offer various levels of home/office design from simple 2D space planning to full blown 3D renders & interior design. This is how we take your desired space and make it into your dreamy, comfortable and work environment.


These and many other advantages you can get if you start to draft a design project!