5 Inventive ideas for a Modern Outdoor Design Tips

During the summer, your outdoor space is key for entertaining; after all, when the weather is nice, most people don't want to be stuck indoors. With a few key components, your patio or porch can easily be turned into an entertainment haven. Of course, your modern space wouldn't be complete without a grill.

You can upgrade your current one by installing a built-in grill, complete with prep station, countertop and mini fridge. To become the neighborhood party house, you should also invest in a fire pit and hot tub, which are both great for those cooler nights. If expensive renovations are out of your reach, add new furniture and accessories for a cheaper yet effective end result. A traditional concrete patio can get a major makeover with new patio furniture and lighting, and your front porch can get an boost with adirondack chairs or classic rocking chairs. 


-Choose the Best Plants

Create an elegant small garden has been planted with dwarf and well-behaved conifers and other plants that won't grow to overwhelm the side.


-Define Key Areas

Three clearly defined spaces — a dining area, lawn and plantings, and a woodland beyond —  a lot of function out of a relatively small amount of urban real estate. 


- Use the Rules of Perspective

Designing the space around the rules of perspective — chiefly that parallel lines appear to converge to a "vanishing point" and objects in the distance appear smaller than those close by — can help make a small garden seem larger.


-Decorating the elements 

The arrangement of elements — raised decks, walls and plantings — in this small garden breaks up an otherwise dull rectangular plot, and creates different spatial and textural effects.


-Create a Multifunctional Space

The open space and minimal plantings in this backyard offer the flexibility to accommodate many uses.