Moroccan interior design and decoration

The Moroccan look is rich in spice colors and is influenced by Spanish, French and Arabic interior design. Beautiful patterns fill the spaces along with textures and aromas.


In order to achieve an authentic Moroccan style space, one has to consider the three main principles of design which are used in that country, namely; colour schemes, contrasting textures and soft, fluid lines. Once these principles have been applied, choosing the right furnishings and accessories can help to create the desired look.

Colors. Bold and vibrant colours such as vivid red, rich emerald greens and shades of blue, particularly royal blue, may dominate the room. In contrast, muted tones are also frequently used; colours which reflect the desert surroundings, such as beige, taupe and soft browns can also be found. Sometimes these combinations are used together, however, it is not uncommon to see the softer, lighter tones used throughout a room. For greater depth, deeper shades may also be added. Think the colours of spice, rich browns, shades of orange and gold. 

Finding the right textures.Contrasting textures are a notable feature in Moroccan design and unvarnished wood is used extensively, alongside smooth and glossy tiled surfaces.

Zellige is a form of tilework, similar to a mosaic, a Zellige is made using tiny coloured chips which are set into plaster and then covered with enamel, which gives a smooth and somewhat glossy appearance. The level of detail involved in Zellinge is really quite breathtaking, and when used to decorate a room can create an almost palatial space. 

You can create soft lines by adding accessories which have an ethnic flavour. Choose rugs, wall art, carved furniture and fabrics which incorporate Arabesque and Islamic styles. Use tie backs and hooks to drape curtains across your windows masking right angles and hard corners. 

Once the three main elements of Moroccan interior design have been implemented, Moroccan lanterns and decorative pieces can be added to complete the effect.